A new beginning

So, I find it funny that as I start a new phase of my life, I have this sudden urge, no make that need, to write about my life. I have far too many things to rant about, discuss, share and ponder and not nearly enough time in the day to sit around with friends like I used to. A little about me. I’m a twenty-something recent grad living in Chicago trying to make it. Some days, I know I can, some days I want to stay in bed and hide. I work in the staffing industry hocking my wares, all while wearing fabulous shoes! I love to cook. I have far too many opinions. I have an amazing boyfriend. I’m a daddy’s girl and some days there aren’t enough miles between my mother and I for our relationship to not include hang ups and phone throwing. My life is good, but I’m just starting out. Let’s see how it goes.


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  1. Rose Stein

    For starters, I have come to find my self admiring this girl who wrote this blog more and more everyday. Sometimes, it seems as if the world was placed in her hands and someone said “do something with it.” Well, her world at least. She always had a form of tenacity I my self wish I had. She thinks about things logically, and seems to always find a way to “make it work.” When it comes to being opinionated, I love it. She always opens my eyes to a new perspective on something that I would have never thought of before. When she makes dinner you almost always crave seconds. She enlightens me with stories about boys, and even life. There are so many qualities here her I wish to emulate to one day find in myself. This is why this girl, is my hero, my sister, and one of my very best friends.

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