And it’s a Thursday.

I think Thursdays are evil. Now I know what you’re thinking, “No, Monday’s are the real evil!” Here’s my beef with Thursday: It’s not Wednesday, and it’s not Friday. Most importantly, it’s not Friday. Since I’m in the beginning stages of my new found “career” I am not super busy.  And by not super busy, I mean, I spend more time on Facebook then I do on actual work. This means, Thursdays are basically a complete waste. I would be far more productive, and comfortable, laying in my bed under the covers sleeping, then sitting here reading the news. (This does make me more of an informed American then I was though.)

Besides being bored at work for my social callendar this week has been fairly crazy so far. I haven’t had dinner home all week, and for the most part I’m more then fine with that. Although, my couch is getting lonley with out me. I spent Monday looking at shiny things, namely the pretty Blackjack in the previous entry, with my boyfriend (Mr. Fresh) and we had dinner together after. (I should mention that I was done with work at 3, the joy of sales!). Tuesday, I had dinner with my aunt and “uncle” (I use the term loosely, let’s not even go there) and did some filing for him. He’s basically going into heart failure, so standing, or even thinking, some times prove to be too much of a challenge. I got a fabulous dinner and $20 out of the deal, no complaints here.

Yesterday, Mr. Fresh and I had dinner with one of his fraternity brothers, P, and his girlfriend, K (Or as he calls her “The Babe”). Both of whom I enjoy greatly. Since we all live on 12 sides of the planet in this crazy city, we met at a “Central” location. The only person it was half way convenient for was me, since my office is fairly close. Since I was the only one who was close I got to wander around a fabulous mall for an hour and a half and try not to get in trouble. Not easy when you are A. a girl B. a girl who likes to shop C. broke. I managed to only buy one thing and the one thing was something I was in desperate need of, so I’ll put that down as a win.

Dinner was great. We ate at one of those DIY stir fry places which I love. We talked about “the good ‘ole days” and all of the antics of people and the effects of alcohol on them. Told wedding stories, which I think we won, although theirs was equally as hilarious, and generally had a good time. I even managed to get Mr. Fresh to come back to my place to cuddle. Who could ask for a better night?!

The thing about being a grown up that I’m not really a fan of is the whole “I get up a O’dark thirty, I get in my car/train/bike/walk, suffer through my commute, get to work, suffer through work, get back in my car/train/bike/walk, suffer yet again, and barely make it through to door and fall on the couch only to do it again tomorrow” bit. There is a lot more suffering then not in the general flow of things, and it’s not fun. I miss being able to enjoy the company of people around me, not just tolerate their presence(i.e. some of my co-workers).

It was great to laugh with friends. I feel like I sound like I’m miserable, and I’m not, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not elated with the state of things. Mr. Fresh and I laugh a lot together, we giggle and snicker and are generally amenable people. But, I think we both miss the company and noise of having other people around. The goal for tonight’s plans is to have a little more of that.

My self and a co-worker are going to an alumnae event for our sorority (different schools, same sorority). I miss that connection with people. That having an immediate bond with someone because of a shared experience or knowledge of something. I am a people person, and I don’t have nearly enough people I connect with on a daily basis. So, I’m going to venture on to the “El” (I’m usually a rider of the very suburban and tame Metra) and go talk and drink with a group of fabulous women. I should have a pretty great evening. Sans the part where I have to venture on the El back and onto the Metra at an ungodly hour.

In other news, I found Raspberry, goat cheese and almond empanadasyesterday and I will be making them soon. They combine 3 of my favorite things on the planet…raspberries, goat cheese and empanadas…we’ll see if I buy some dark chocolate for a drizzle on the top.

I suppose I should pretend to work now.


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