Pasta bake = Success!

I made quite a yummy pasta bake thing yesterday. It was like lasagna deconstructed and mushed up. The contents:

1 1/2 tubs (10 oz?) of Part Skim Ricotta ( you could use less, but I didn’t have enough from the first one and I didn’t want to have leftovers)

1 box of rigatoni

3 mild Italian sausage browned with out the casings

Pasta sauce (I’m not sure how much I used. I basically put like 5 or 6 ladles in until it made the cheese sort of pinky-orange and a good consistency)

Italian blend shredded cheese.

I basically put it all together in a pot, put it in a baking dish with more sauce and cheese on top and baked it for like 25 minutes. So. Good. It’s been cool-ish at night here too, so it was nice to have a bit of a fall dish. I was worried it wasn’t going to be that good, but I was wrong. So yay me! I’m excited, I have it for lunch today too!


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