Labor Day Weekend and Such

This weekend was fairly lovely. I worked my second job (yay retail! Boo on my real job for not paying me enough to live!) both Saturday and Sunday. Which didn’t suck too bad. Then after work on Sunday Mr. Fresh came over and we had the classic taco dinner. It was yummy. A good Sunday dinner. Then I made breakfast for the next morning.

A few weeks ago my old roommate B called me said he was coming to Chi-town for a wedding and wanted to see me. Well, since I work all the time that wasn’t going to happen until Monday. So I said “come to my house for breakfast, it’ll be great.” So I made this French Toast Casserole. I also cut some strawberries and blueberries with some sugar. Put on top. Oh god. So. Good. I had some very happy customers.

(And look! My camera actually works! Even though the screen is broken. It’s like using a 35mm…you don’t know what you took until you get them “developed.”)

Then, as if that wasn’t a good enough way to celebrate Labor day, I went to my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field! Although, I’m pretty Chicago baseball neutral, it was so fun! There was just an energy in Wrigley that is unbeatable. The Cubs lost but it’s ok, Mr. Fresh got to have cotton candy, so it made up for it.

As if the cotton candy and Wrigley weren’t enough, we met up with another old roommate of mine, J and his fiance, S. (Which mind you I set up. I’ve also set up B, and he even got engaged, but the rest of that story is best left untold. So I’m 2 for 2 for the roommates I’ve set up getting engaged! Let’s see if this one goes all the way!) We had dinner with them and enjoyed telling stories about the people we all knew from BU. We completely felt like adults after that. Considering we were out with another couple and it’s usually just us. Then we managed to make our way back on a different El line and get to the line we were going for! We were even pretty adventurous suburbanites and took the El in the whole way from Wilmette. Way less stressful and totally worth it.

So, my weekend was nice. We actually did something which was also nice. I have other rants, but I think I’ll reserve a post for that all by it’s self. It’s one of those soap box sort of events.


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