First Mr. Farve…

…and now this. Really guys, when you say you retire, do it, damn it. Go sit in the South of France and gamble or something. Go do some community service. I dunno, get a real job?! But, for fuck’s sake, give up your sport already! There are guys younger then you dying for an opportunity to be great like you. So, suck it up, remember your glory days and let someone else have a few days of their own.

Ok, end of rant. Small update since I’ve already been productive today and it’s only 9:45. I was given two choices on my next blog entry yesterday and I decided to go with the food option since the second one was all political, and for now I’m still pretending to stick to the “I don’t talk politics rule.” Now you’re wondering “Where is the food entry, dude?” and I’m all like “Dude, chill out, I’m about to explain.”

A little back story. I read an article yesterday about KFC moving their secret recipe while they “beef up” security (any one else notice my love of “quotes” today?).  I shared it with one of my sorority sisters that I talk to all day while we deal with the working world. She had already read it and when I declared I wanted fried chicken, she said she had already gone through that desire when she read the article. So genius me goes “Ooooh fried chicken for dinner!” She then declared it “Leah’s Tooth Pickin’ Chicken.” I’m all like “Awesome, totally happening when I get home!” One train ride and a 3 minute car ride home later, I’m prepared to fry some chicken. I had even decided the cut the breasts into strips so it would cook quicker.

I pull out the chicken from the freezer, pop it in the microwave, press defrost, and let it do it’s thing. Let’s just say thank God I didn’t continue prepping for the fried goodness, because I would have been up a creek. I pull my half defrosted chicken out of my beloved microwave to flip it over and I’m like “Oh, ew, this smells.” And not the good fried chicken smell. So, there goes “Leah’s Tooth Picken’ Chicken” until another day. It was a good idea while it lasted, but it let me have my terribly delicious Spaghetti-o’s for dinner.

So there dude, there’s your food entry. Spaghetti-o’.


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