It’s Finally Friday!!

I’m not sure why I personally find Fridays so joyous, as it just means more work for me at my second job, but perhaps it’s the reprieve of 5 days of the same thing that makes the weekend nice. This did help my Friday though:

Mr. Greenspan rules the world with an iorn fist!

So, for a real update. I’ll back up to last weekend. Me, Mr. Fresh, and our friend LBP went to Peoria to help our respective Greek chapters (LBPand I are in the same chapter) with recruitment. It was nice to see every one again. It was a nice feeling when people were actually happy to see us, because some times when people graduate, it’s for the greater good. At one point, one of our sisters thanked us for bringing some sanity to what we were helping with. It amused us greatly. We went to our favorite bars, ate our favorite food, and generally had a nice weekend. I wish I had the opportunity to be more relaxed then I am, but then again, I’ve never been one to sit and do nothing (please do not reference my 5th year of college in that statement).

In cooking news: I’m making the tuna noodle casserole referenced in the last post tonight for Mr. Fresh and his dad. I’m REALLY excited. I also found the blog Cannelle et Vanille and it makes me want to stay home all day and make the beautiful things in her blog. It also makes me wish I could break free from corporate life and open a bakery. But, that is neither here nor there.

I know I feel like I’ve had more go on in my life, but this week has been rather quiet and productive and it actually went fairly fast. I’ll let you know how the TNC turns out and if I get brave enough to make anything from Cannelle et Vanille.

P.S. Why does word press think I spell “with” wrong? What the hell guys?


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