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Insert Witty Title Here

Ohhh Friday…Thank you for coming again. I  missed you. Also, thank you for being pay day. You make me and my checking account quite happy. I’m sorry I’ve sucked at blogging recently, I’ve just been completely uninspired. I apologize. I do have a lot of cooking to update you on. And perhaps a political soap box (due to the arrival of my absentee ballot).


I made Dinner for a year’s Tuna Noodle Casserole. Oh.My.God. So good. My parents have requested it while we’re on vacation in Florida for Thanksgiving. When I told each of them independently that I made it they both went “I Love Tuna Noodle Casserole!” I laughed equally at both of them, but I’m excited that I have one more dinner covered in Florida that everyone, including my sister the vegetarian, will eat! I also made chocolate pumpkin brownies that night. I was kind of disappointed. I love a dense chocolaty gooey brownie. This was cakey and not at all what I wanted. The boys liked it though.

So, three weeks ago? A month? We went down to Peoria to help with recruitment and I made these Pink Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies and they were ok. I couldn’t find a grapefruit at the store, so I sufficed with juice and they weren’t great. Well, LBP came over last week and we made them again, with lemon. 2 lemons to be exact. OMG. Those, were good. I will try them again with a grapefruit now that we’re getting more into citrus season and we’ll see how it goes.

I made this interesting pasta dish for my self and Mr. Fresh. Linguine, spinach, garlic, mild Italian sausage, walnuts and chili butter from the corn experiment a long time ago. It was good. I wish i had more walnuts to put in there as it needed a crunch factor. But, it was a good warm food that was pretty easy to make.

On to the latest thing. Last night I tried to make mousse. Two mousses to be exact. One pumpkin one chocolate. The pumpkin one went fabulously. The chocolate one…not so much. I seized up the first batch of chocolate. I ended up beating the cream too long and started into an adventure of butter, which I quickly stopped. So, all of the parts that were in the works got shoved in the fridge and hopefully can be salvaged tonight after I buy more cream.

As for dinner tonight: Use Real Butters’ White Chili. Mr. Fresh requested something “hearty” and this sounds delicious.  I will let you know how it goes.

As for the rest of my life: I finally closed on my first order this week! Weeee!! I’m excited, let’s not lie. I went out with LBP and The SBizzle last week for a sorority function. It was nice to catch up and actually be social. Woah, what a concept! The SBizzle and I are going for a liquid lunch next week to celebrate her passage into the old club with me. I’m quite excited. (So excited in fact, I thought it was this week! Whoops!) My kitty is officially returning to me when Mr. Fresh and I come back from Florida. I’m quite excited about this as well. I’ve missed her. I also have a rodent problem I think she could help with. I think this is about it on the life front to update on. On to my soap box!

So, because I am technically still a Floridian, I got my absentee ballot in the mail. I’m like, sweet, one ballot in spanish one in enlgish…Nope. More like, 4 pages of ballot. Can we just say that there are some whacked out amendments on here. Things I have NO CLUE about, because well, they are about tax exemptions for home owners in very niche categories. Dudes, if you’re gonna make us vote on this shit, please put some more info in the envelope so I know what the hell is going on. It’s not like I get the Orlando Slantinel (Sentinel) up here in Chi-town to peruse. Good thing for the intertubes to inform me. So basically, Florida, get it together. Stop overwhelming me with 4 pages of things to vote on. KThanxBi.

Well, it’s on to another weekend. This is the last weekend I’m working both days of the weekend. I’m thankful for that. I need some time to decompress and deal with my house.



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It’s Finally Friday!!

I’m not sure why I personally find Fridays so joyous, as it just means more work for me at my second job, but perhaps it’s the reprieve of 5 days of the same thing that makes the weekend nice. This did help my Friday though:

Mr. Greenspan rules the world with an iorn fist!

So, for a real update. I’ll back up to last weekend. Me, Mr. Fresh, and our friend LBP went to Peoria to help our respective Greek chapters (LBPand I are in the same chapter) with recruitment. It was nice to see every one again. It was a nice feeling when people were actually happy to see us, because some times when people graduate, it’s for the greater good. At one point, one of our sisters thanked us for bringing some sanity to what we were helping with. It amused us greatly. We went to our favorite bars, ate our favorite food, and generally had a nice weekend. I wish I had the opportunity to be more relaxed then I am, but then again, I’ve never been one to sit and do nothing (please do not reference my 5th year of college in that statement).

In cooking news: I’m making the tuna noodle casserole referenced in the last post tonight for Mr. Fresh and his dad. I’m REALLY excited. I also found the blog Cannelle et Vanille and it makes me want to stay home all day and make the beautiful things in her blog. It also makes me wish I could break free from corporate life and open a bakery. But, that is neither here nor there.

I know I feel like I’ve had more go on in my life, but this week has been rather quiet and productive and it actually went fairly fast. I’ll let you know how the TNC turns out and if I get brave enough to make anything from Cannelle et Vanille.

P.S. Why does word press think I spell “with” wrong? What the hell guys?

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Boo! I’m still here…

Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve actually been attempting to work, some days with more success then others. I also went out of town over the weekend so I’m still trying to recover from that. But, for now, perhaps this for dinner? It looks yummy to me. We’ll see what Mr. Fresh thinks.

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Labor Day Weekend and Such

This weekend was fairly lovely. I worked my second job (yay retail! Boo on my real job for not paying me enough to live!) both Saturday and Sunday. Which didn’t suck too bad. Then after work on Sunday Mr. Fresh came over and we had the classic taco dinner. It was yummy. A good Sunday dinner. Then I made breakfast for the next morning.

A few weeks ago my old roommate B called me said he was coming to Chi-town for a wedding and wanted to see me. Well, since I work all the time that wasn’t going to happen until Monday. So I said “come to my house for breakfast, it’ll be great.” So I made this French Toast Casserole. I also cut some strawberries and blueberries with some sugar. Put on top. Oh god. So. Good. I had some very happy customers.

(And look! My camera actually works! Even though the screen is broken. It’s like using a 35mm…you don’t know what you took until you get them “developed.”)

Then, as if that wasn’t a good enough way to celebrate Labor day, I went to my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field! Although, I’m pretty Chicago baseball neutral, it was so fun! There was just an energy in Wrigley that is unbeatable. The Cubs lost but it’s ok, Mr. Fresh got to have cotton candy, so it made up for it.

As if the cotton candy and Wrigley weren’t enough, we met up with another old roommate of mine, J and his fiance, S. (Which mind you I set up. I’ve also set up B, and he even got engaged, but the rest of that story is best left untold. So I’m 2 for 2 for the roommates I’ve set up getting engaged! Let’s see if this one goes all the way!) We had dinner with them and enjoyed telling stories about the people we all knew from BU. We completely felt like adults after that. Considering we were out with another couple and it’s usually just us. Then we managed to make our way back on a different El line and get to the line we were going for! We were even pretty adventurous suburbanites and took the El in the whole way from Wilmette. Way less stressful and totally worth it.

So, my weekend was nice. We actually did something which was also nice. I have other rants, but I think I’ll reserve a post for that all by it’s self. It’s one of those soap box sort of events.

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Pasta bake = Success!

I made quite a yummy pasta bake thing yesterday. It was like lasagna deconstructed and mushed up. The contents:

1 1/2 tubs (10 oz?) of Part Skim Ricotta ( you could use less, but I didn’t have enough from the first one and I didn’t want to have leftovers)

1 box of rigatoni

3 mild Italian sausage browned with out the casings

Pasta sauce (I’m not sure how much I used. I basically put like 5 or 6 ladles in until it made the cheese sort of pinky-orange and a good consistency)

Italian blend shredded cheese.

I basically put it all together in a pot, put it in a baking dish with more sauce and cheese on top and baked it for like 25 minutes. So. Good. It’s been cool-ish at night here too, so it was nice to have a bit of a fall dish. I was worried it wasn’t going to be that good, but I was wrong. So yay me! I’m excited, I have it for lunch today too!

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It’s 74 outside and it’s August!

This is why I live in the Midwest and not in Florida with my parents. It’s August, and I don’t have to shower three times a day to feel clean! How crazy. I also am I glad that I didn’t have to get drenched by Fay. And by default no power, considering my parents live in a city that has big beautiful oak trees. And terrible intermittent power service when it rains because of them. I win.

So I’ve been rather adventurous in the kitchen lately. I’ve also discovered I’m terrible at following directions to a t. But, everything I’ve made has been pretty good. I made the empanadas I wanted to make. They were good. I wish I had made the pastry a little sweeter and that I had a food processor so I could play with it less, but oh well. Also, for the filling I used only 8 ounces of goat cheese and made up the difference with ricotta. I left off the almonds and the sugar on the top and I used semi-sweet chocolate and hazelnuts. I got rave reviews. Although, I think Mr. Fresh and his dad are jaded, but I’ll take it. Next time: bigger rounds, more goat cheese. I also want to make a savory version of empanadas, as I am a slight empanada-a-holic.

I also made Lemon Basil Pasta Salad which was ok. I used cherry tomatoes and cut them in half instead of dicing tomatoes. I would also say, more lemon juice, less oil. Salt and pepper are also essential. It turned out pretty good and left me with lunch for 3 days, so it worked out ok.

That was last Friday, along with pesto salmon. Mr. Fresh uses the term “ridiculous” which in his mind/world means amazing. I wowed him again on Thursday with an attempt to use up the ricotta I had left. I had some ricotta and fresh basil left from the last cooking adventure that I needed to use up and some chicken breasts that were begging me to use them. So, I butterflied the chicken, pounded it thin and filled it with the ricotta (with chopped garlic, salt and pepper), basil, sun dried tomatoes and some shredded mozzarella. Rolled it up, put it in the oven and 30 minutes later, we had an awesome chicken dish. I also made pan fried eggplant “sticks.” Again, I win. It was all really good and I had lunch for the next day. Mr. Fresh called me “ridiculous” and I think “the bestest” was in there too.

My next challenge: using up the ricotta…I think I’m going to do a pasta bake. Ricotta with the basil and my home made tomato sauce put in the oven with bread crumbs and mozzarella. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s my cooking update. My life update. I’ve actually been working at work. It’s crazy, I know. I have 1 order on the board and 5 more in the works. Hopefully I can get some filled so I can actually make some moolah. I’ve crunched numbers and figured out how I can get out of some of my college debt if I do. So, I’m working hard. I’m enjoying having my first day off in 14 days. Me and my couch are having personal time. My new goal is to try and make it to the gym more and attempt to take photos when I cook. I know I enjoy photos when I read about food, so we’ll see if I can manage to pull it off.

I can’t believe how fast August has gone…before I know it the holidays will be here. Oh dear…

P.S. I gave in and bought the BlackJack…I’m on the road to “crackberry” addiction. Let’s hope I don’t need an intervention.

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