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Insert Witty Title Here

Ohhh Friday…Thank you for coming again. I  missed you. Also, thank you for being pay day. You make me and my checking account quite happy. I’m sorry I’ve sucked at blogging recently, I’ve just been completely uninspired. I apologize. I do have a lot of cooking to update you on. And perhaps a political soap box (due to the arrival of my absentee ballot).


I made Dinner for a year’s Tuna Noodle Casserole. Oh.My.God. So good. My parents have requested it while we’re on vacation in Florida for Thanksgiving. When I told each of them independently that I made it they both went “I Love Tuna Noodle Casserole!” I laughed equally at both of them, but I’m excited that I have one more dinner covered in Florida that everyone, including my sister the vegetarian, will eat! I also made chocolate pumpkin brownies that night. I was kind of disappointed. I love a dense chocolaty gooey brownie. This was cakey and not at all what I wanted. The boys liked it though.

So, three weeks ago? A month? We went down to Peoria to help with recruitment and I made these Pink Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies and they were ok. I couldn’t find a grapefruit at the store, so I sufficed with juice and they weren’t great. Well, LBP came over last week and we made them again, with lemon. 2 lemons to be exact. OMG. Those, were good. I will try them again with a grapefruit now that we’re getting more into citrus season and we’ll see how it goes.

I made this interesting pasta dish for my self and Mr. Fresh. Linguine, spinach, garlic, mild Italian sausage, walnuts and chili butter from the corn experiment a long time ago. It was good. I wish i had more walnuts to put in there as it needed a crunch factor. But, it was a good warm food that was pretty easy to make.

On to the latest thing. Last night I tried to make mousse. Two mousses to be exact. One pumpkin one chocolate. The pumpkin one went fabulously. The chocolate one…not so much. I seized up the first batch of chocolate. I ended up beating the cream too long and started into an adventure of butter, which I quickly stopped. So, all of the parts that were in the works got shoved in the fridge and hopefully can be salvaged tonight after I buy more cream.

As for dinner tonight: Use Real Butters’ White Chili. Mr. Fresh requested something “hearty” and this sounds delicious.  I will let you know how it goes.

As for the rest of my life: I finally closed on my first order this week! Weeee!! I’m excited, let’s not lie. I went out with LBP and The SBizzle last week for a sorority function. It was nice to catch up and actually be social. Woah, what a concept! The SBizzle and I are going for a liquid lunch next week to celebrate her passage into the old club with me. I’m quite excited. (So excited in fact, I thought it was this week! Whoops!) My kitty is officially returning to me when Mr. Fresh and I come back from Florida. I’m quite excited about this as well. I’ve missed her. I also have a rodent problem I think she could help with. I think this is about it on the life front to update on. On to my soap box!

So, because I am technically still a Floridian, I got my absentee ballot in the mail. I’m like, sweet, one ballot in spanish one in enlgish…Nope. More like, 4 pages of ballot. Can we just say that there are some whacked out amendments on here. Things I have NO CLUE about, because well, they are about tax exemptions for home owners in very niche categories. Dudes, if you’re gonna make us vote on this shit, please put some more info in the envelope so I know what the hell is going on. It’s not like I get the Orlando Slantinel (Sentinel) up here in Chi-town to peruse. Good thing for the intertubes to inform me. So basically, Florida, get it together. Stop overwhelming me with 4 pages of things to vote on. KThanxBi.

Well, it’s on to another weekend. This is the last weekend I’m working both days of the weekend. I’m thankful for that. I need some time to decompress and deal with my house.



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My Soapbox Rant

I have been preparing this rant in my head for awhile and I tend to just get so aggravated that I never seem to be able to spit it all out. Because this is my blog, I don’t plan on keeping this neutral, because I am not a neutral sort of person. So I’m sorry if this ruffles your feathers, deal.

I am a proud Democrat. I am a liberal.

I like knowing that I have the option to choose what goes on with my body and that I care about education and health care and domestic issues.

I think supporting our troops means bringing them home. I believe in diplomacy and that we aren’t the only country on this fine earth.

I believe in global warming and that polar bears are endangered.

I don’t think we should drill in Alaska or off shore or any where we aren’t currently doing so.

I think that there are enough means for innovation that we shouldn’t have to.

I believe in welfare, and medicare, and Medicaid, and social security. Do I think they are perfect? No, but I think they are important aspects to our country.

I think Democrats want the economy to grow just as much as Republicans. But when your family doesn’t have jobs it’s ok to turn to them for help.

I believe that gays should get married and should be entitled to the same rights as heterosexual couples.

I believe our country should help finance higher education so that it’s accessible to every one. I think those of us that make enough money should help pay for it.

I think Russia is still making bombs for bio-chemical warfare and that North Korea can’t be trusted. I also think Iran and Ahmadinejad is capable of some pretty crazy shit.

I think we should have gun control in our country and not just every one should be allowed access to them.

I think unions are ok when they are doing what they are meant to do.

I think we’re in an economic downturn and no matter who is in the White House it would be this way.

Because I believe these things it does not mean I’m an idiot, uneducated, not well read or up for a debate. It does not mean that you have to think the same thing. It does not give you a right to make me feel inferior to you. I seem to run into this latter problem quite a bit. Most of the people I work with seem to be on the other side of the fence. Fine, great, what ever. But, DON’T talk to me like “oh, you stupid Democrat” because I’m not a Republican. It does not give you the right to hope that one day I will “see the light” and come to the dark side.  It does give you the right to talk to me, see what I think, understand it, and then give me the opportunity to do the same to you. I’m not up to getting berated, so if you’re going to argue with me, forget it.

It does not give you the right to think I am LESS of an American because I don’t think the same thing as you. Or that I am unworhty of being an American because I understand when Michelle Obama has not been a proud American. You know when I wasn’t a proud American? When we marched our asses into Iraq and just said “Fuck you” to the rest of the world. So yes, I think she has the right to not be a proud American until now. Most of the time I cringe to be an American, but I know I’m lucky to be one.  Who is to say that is right or wrong?

I think McCain is an idiot. I think Bush is the greatest idiot that ever lived. Sarah Palin is scary and the only reason Hillary supporters might vote for her is because she has a vagina. Do I think Obama is the most experienced politician out there? No, but I’m ok with that. There are plenty out there that he can surround him self with and make sound decisions with. Look, I was a Howard Dean supporter. I’m liberal. I get it. What I think is missing in American politics is a fire, a passion a DRIVE to change the things that are broken. I don’t think McCain has that. I know Obama talks it, but I’m not sure if he’ll come through. That’s what campaigns are for: promises. Office makes those promises come crashing down. I have faith though.

I got in a bit of a spat last week that left me quite upset. It in a sense ruined the election for me. I will vote. I will watch the news, but I have decided I’m done talking about it. I don’t need any one to pass their judgements on me any more. So, think of this as my signing off letter. I’m hurt that so many Republicans out there can’t seem to respect me because I think differently. That sucks. I thought the point of being an American was the opportunity to think differently then your neighbor and it’s ok. I guess not in an election year.

P.S. This is not directed at any one, this is just me being angry with American politics. It’s a long time coming and if I’ve talked politics with you recently, I promise it’s ok. I may have to break the I’m done talking about politics rule thing I stated above.

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